Business Fields

We view continuous innovation as the most promising way to bring new medicines for unmet medical needs to the patient. Looking to the future, our long-standing expertise in medicinal chemistry and biotechnology have put us in an excellent position to exploit the huge potential of molecular medicine.

Innovation across the entire healthcare spectrum

In order to better benefit the patient, Roche pursues an integrated, innovative approach to healthcare: from the early detection and prevention of disease, to diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. While these fields are inherently related, they will become linked even more closely in the future in order to provide patients with more effective, safer, and cost-efficient healthcare.

Products with clinical benefits

Despite significant advances in modern medicine, social and economic factors make the need for innovative, new products in the diagnosis and treatment of disease greater than ever.

Roche's resources are focused on two research-intensive businesses:

  • pharmaceuticals and
  • diagnostics

Within these businesses, priority is placed in areas of significant unmet medical need where the expertise at Roche can make a difference. The goal is to develop new and improved drugs, diagnostic tests, and services offering significant benefits over existing options.

For this reason, Roche invests heavily in research and development - 10 billion Swiss Francs in 2009 - and will continue to do so in future.

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